¿Eres turista en Madrid y quieres sentirte como en casa, o incluso mejor?
Hoy cocinamos nosotros. Cena en una casa particular en el centro de Madrid, no te sientas como un extraño en nuestra ciudad.
Escríbenos tu propuesta a

Are you tourist in Madrid and you want to feel at home, or even better?
Have dinner in a private home in Madrid, don´t feel like a foreigner in our beautiful and exiting city.
Send us an email with your suggestions to

Bis du ein Tourist in Madrid und moechtest du dich wie zu Hause fühlen, oder sogar besser?
Iss zu Abend in einem Privathaus in Madrid, fühle dich nicht als Fremder in unserer aufregenden Stadt!

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Dear friends,
Today you will find some photos of one of the “classic” Spanish tapas: the croqueta. 
For our German friends  we would like to highlight that the Spanish croquetas have nothing to do with the German “Kroquetten”.
The latter are served as garnish with meat or stews with sauce and are made basically out of potatoes dough. 

The Spanish ones are a delicacy of tender béchamel with a predominant ingredient, such as meat, chicken, fish, spinach, mushrooms, the variety is almost unlimited. Note that croquetas are not easy to elaborate, there can be a gulf between a croquette smelting in your mouth or a  unpalatable crumb…

Apart from the classic croqueta made out of Spanish ham (jamón de bellota, which quality is essential for the croqueta to deploy all its flavour), recently we have tried to elaborate croquetas of baby cuttlefish- gorgeous! We got the idea after visiting San Anton Market in Chueca, which is highly recommendable and in our opinion has a much better atmosphere than the San Miguel Market next to Sol, while not being so overcrowded. Don’t miss it in your next trip to Madrid …
If you are interested in the recipe, send us an email.      

Dear friends,
As appetizer and as first approach to Spanish cuisine may we present you the Spanish dish per excellence: the paella. Actually, it is the typical dish of the autonomous region of Valencia, but is nowadays served throughout the country. Here in Madrid restaurants commonly serve paella once a week as menu of the day and quite a number of restaurants are even specialized in paella.
The good thing about paella is that you can use a wide range of ingredients such as fish, seafood, meat, chicken, rabbit, as well as different vegetables like green beans, tomatoes, paprika, etc
You will find some photos we have taken from our last paella coked last weekend, we use to make a paella quite frequently, this time it has been made of chicken and rabbit with some shrimps... delicious.

Would you also like to elaborate a home-made paella? No problem…of course it will not be as savory as made upon the open fire, but also a home made paella can be delicious, we even coke it on our induction cooker and get a crispy crackling! If you are interested in getting the receipt, please send us an email, we will be delighted to help you. And lack of ingredients cannot serve as excuse..we were even able to cook a superb paella in a little village in Germany! Nowadays with the on-line commerce there are plenty of possibilities to get the necessary ingredients in an affordable way.

With love, everything works out.

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